Echo 1.1.1

Echo version 1.1.1 build 122

ADDED: Keyboard shortcut to toggle the option to keep Echo always on top of other windows: Ctrl+Y.

ADDED: Global hotkey to connect/disconnect from clipboard. By default this hotkey is disabled. The default hotkey is Shift+Win+] and it can be changed in Preferences -> Keyboard ->ConnectHotkeyKey and ConnectHotkeyModifier. To enable the hotkey, set UseConnectHotkey to True.

ADDED: An option to control what happens after Echo hides itself and pastes a clip into the active window: Preferences -> Pasting clips -> FinalWindowAction. By default, Echo behaves as it had before: hides itself and does nothing. The other available setting is waRestore: Echo will hide, paste the clip and restore itself (but it will not regain focus). The new option is useful if you want to keep Echo on top of all other windows, since in that case you probably don’t want Echo to hide and stay hidden.

ADDED: In the external clip editor, a prompt is now displayed if you close the editor without saving the changes. The prompt can be disabled directly in the dialog box, or under Preferences -> Prompting -> BeforeClosingEditor.

ADDED: An option to ignore clips if they were copied from within Echo itself, for example in the clip editor. This option is disabled by default, so Echo will capture clips from itself. To change this setting: Preferences -> Capturing clips -> IgnoreFromSelf and set this value to True.

ADDED: A new action was added in the “Maintain” section of the Database Maintenance dialog:

  • Refresh clip data: this action refreshes the “display text” for all clips in the database, as well as the part of each clip that gets searched. You may want to use this action after you have made a change to the setting in Preferences -> Database -> MaxDispTextSize. This setting controls how much of each clip is displayed and searched. (For very long clips, Echo displays and scans only the first part of each clip, up to the length specified here). Since this operation is time-consuming, Echo does not perform it automatically.A change in MaxDispTextSize is only applied to clips captured after the change has been made. This maintenance action applies the new MaxDispTextSize to all clips in the database. Note that this procedure takes a long time to complete; perhaps as much as 10-15 seconds for a thousand clips in the database. Echo is unresponsive during that time. A small progress bar is displayed to indicate how much of the process has been completed.

ADDED: One new action was added in the “Erase” section of the Database Maintenance dialog:

  • Delete application icons: this action deletes from the database all application icons.

ADDED: In the Database Maintenance dialog, a prompt is now displayed if you choose to delete all clips from the database on the Erase tab. The prompt can be disabled directly in the dialog box, or under Preferences -> Prompting -> BeforeErasingAllClips.

CHANGED: When the option to keep Echo always on top of other windows is enabled, Echo no longer automatically hides itself when you switch to another application, even if the option to do so (Preferences -> Display -> MinimizeOnDeactivate) is enabled. This is because hiding Echo in this case defeats the purpose of the “stay on top” feature.

CHANGED: In Preferences -> Display, two options have been removed: TrayNotifications and TrayNotificationsOnlyIfIconic. These options controlled which tray notification messages (“balloons”) to show, but they were incorrectly implemented. Two new options have been added to replace them:

  • TrayMsgsToSkip: a list of events for which Echo should not display tray notifications. By default, the list includes only “tnCapture”, which means Echo will not be notifying you every time it captures a clip. All other notifications will be shown by default: tnClipboardConnect (on connecting and disconnecting from clipboard), tnClearClipboard (when clipboard has been cleared), tnMaintenance (when Echo has finished database maintenance) and tnDBCreated (when Echo has created a new database, e.g. because the old one was missing).
  • TrayMsgsOnlyWhenIconic: when set to True, Echo will show tray notifications only when it is minimized, buyt not when its window is visible. When set to False, Echo will always show notifications, regardless of its window state.

REMOVED: Preferences -> Database -> StoreFullApplicationPath. This option was false by default. When set to True, it would prevent Echo from finding application icons for clips. Since the full path information is not needed and not used anywhere, the option has been removed. Echo will now store application executable names only (notepad.exe instead of c:\Windows\notepad.exe).