A Walt Whitman software upgrade

The original Walt Whitman wrote

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

and it’s a great quote both in and out of its original context. Who knows, maybe there’s a closet Whitman fan among the makers of CSE HTML Validator? They’ve just sent me an email asking why I did not upgrade to the latest version of the validator. Here’s a part of it (click to enlarge):

Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin... yada!

Now tell me: would you reply to this email?

My guess is someone composed the body of the upgrade solicitation message, to which their boilerplate email footer was appended, and not read. I mean, why would you want to validate a message to a customer asking said customer send some more money your way? Proofreading is for sissies, anyway!

But that’s just slightly funny. What actually surprised me about the email is that, of the nine (9) clickable links it contains, not one points to a “What’s new” page, where I could find out how big a mistake I am making by not upgrading. I scanned the message twice, thinking I must have overlooked that link, the single most useful one when you’re dangling a hot new software release in front of your customer’s eyes. But nope, no “What’s new” in the email.

(And the reason I did not upgrade is that at $29, it’s not exactly cheap, and I hardly use the program any more, though I still love how it works. WordPress is good enough though, and if it doesn’t always validate, I’m not going to pick a fight with it.)

…and for the click-image-to-zoom effect I thank 23Systems Web Devsign, authors of the fantastic Lightbox Plus plugin for WordPress. Works out of the box and that makes me happy.