Not me!

Hi! My name is Marek Jedliński. I live in Łódź, Poland. I am a freelance translator by day, and a programmer by night (sometimes the other way around). My specialization is IT translation and software localization (since 1996). Here is my CV in English, and in Polish

Unlike some technical translators, I am a trained linguist with an ear for style. Unlike many translators educated primarily in linguistics, I understand IT technologies. As a self-taught programmer, I understand the technical concepts, and I won’t break your tags :)

Before I became a full-time freelance in 2003, for ten years I had taught courses in advanced translation and American Literature at the English Institute, University of Łódź.

Writing software is a hobby that consumes most of my free time, of which I have much less now than 10 years ago. Some of what I have written is available from this website as freeware; a few of the projects include full source code. My most popular program by far is KeyNote, originally released in the year 2000 as one of the first free tabbed, hierarchical notebooks (a.k.a outliners). I no longer maintain KeyNote, but since 2009 I have released three new apps in the “Ethervane” series, which are actively developed.

Occasionally I work as a volunteer for human rights and animal rights campaigns. I am registered with the Polish Volunteer database and I am happy to participate in volunteer activities, if the cause is worthwhile. If you represent a grass-roots human-rights cause or an NGO, and you need a pair of hands, feel free to contact me.

If you need the services of a sworn translator, business or legal translation in English and Polish, or custom language services such as training in Business English, coaching in making conference presentations, or assistance in assessing your applicants’ English skills, please visit ADelante Linguistic Services in Polish or in English. ADelante is run by my wife and myself. We understand that the language you speak is a big part of your brand, whether you are an individual or a business. Therefore we work closely with select clients, without hiring subcontractors.

There’s contact information, of course.