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Echo 1.1.3

Echo version 1.1.3 build 128

FIXED: Fixed a bug that would cause use count to be unnecessarily incremented in some situations,. e.g. when capturing duplicate clips.

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Echo 1.1.2

Echo version 1.1.2 build 126

This release fixes important bugs. Please download and install this release, especially if you are using version 1.1.1 (published February 21).

FIXED: A significant bug that would cause loss of certain clips when Echo performed database maintenance. This bug affected only certain installations, but was quite severe when it occurred.

FIXED: Minor change to allow Echo to paste clips into certain applications with non-standard windows that do not automatically regain focus (e.g. Stickes). Echo should ...

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More on Echo 1.1.1

That last history entry was really opaque, so here’s the essence:

Keyboard shortcut to toggle the option to keep Echo always on top of other windows: Ctrl+Y.

Global hotkey to connect/disconnect from clipboard: Shift+Win+]. Disabled by default.

If you typically keep Echo open and on-top of other windows (rather than hidden in the tray), you may like the new option at Preferences -> Pasting clips -> FinalWindowAction. If you set it to waRestore, Echo will restore itself after it has minimized in order ...

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Echo 1.1.1

Echo version 1.1.1 build 122

ADDED: Keyboard shortcut to toggle the option to keep Echo always on top of other windows: Ctrl+Y.

ADDED: Global hotkey to connect/disconnect from clipboard. By default this hotkey is disabled. The default hotkey is Shift+Win+] and it can be changed in Preferences -> Keyboard ->ConnectHotkeyKey and ConnectHotkeyModifier. To enable the hotkey, set UseConnectHotkey to True.

ADDED: An option to control what happens after Echo hides itself and pastes a clip into the active window: Preferences -> Pasting ...

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Echo 1.1.0

Echo version 1.1.0 build 117

CHANGED: This release uses a different editor control for the “edit clip” dialog. The change was necessary, because the editor I originally used had some random-looking problems with the Addict spellchecker, such as ignoring obvious misspellings, even though they were recognized as such and got the proper red wavy underline. The new editor has an almost identical functionality, with a few minor differences, e.g. no support for marking modified lines. At the moment URL highlighting ...

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Echo 1.0.6

Echo version 1.0.6, build 110

ADDED: Echo can now store its database and configuration files in any user-specified folder (by request). This works the same way for both the desktop and portable editions. Custom folder can be specified on the command line or in the master.config file. This is useful for example if you want Echo to keep its data and configuration in a folder that you can easily include in your backup.

ADDED: A new option to keep main program ...

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Echo 1.0.5

Echo version 1.0.5, build 108

ADDED: When you copy or paste a clip, Echo would always update the clip’s timestamp, so that the clip would move to the top of the list when sorted by date. This is now optional: Preferences -> Pasting clips -> UpdateClipTimeStamp. This setting is still True by default, so that Echo’s behavior does not change unless you modify this setting. (Thanks, Easye!)

ADDED (by popular request): Option to minimize Echo when the Close button on the ...

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Echo 1.0.4 FINAL

Echo version 1.0.4, build 103

First out-of-beta release, so not many new features this time.

ADDED: System-wide hotkey to paste clipboard contents as plain text. By default this action is assigned to Shift+Win+Insert. When you press this hotkey, Echo checks if the clipboard contains text. If so, Echo removes from clipboard all formats that are not plain text (in effect, “clears” the clipboard of any rich data) and performs a paste in whatever application is current. This gives you a “Paste ...

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Echo 0.9.3 beta

Echo version 0.9.3 beta, build 101

CHANGED: To make Echo easier to use and more intuitive, three search modes (Basic, Wildcards, Advanced) have been reduced to two: Basic and Advanced. Wildcards are now supported in both modes (previously they worked only in the dedicated Wildcards mode). In short, there are now two search modes instead of three, and you can use wildcards everywhere. Please see Searching for clips and Using wildcards for details.

ADDED: Basic editing buttons added to the toolbar ...

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Echo 0.9.2 beta

Echo version 0.9.2 beta, build 99

FIXED: Pasted clip did not move to the top of the list if list was sorted by date (thanks, Tomos!)

FIXED: Duplicate commands assigned to Shift+F1.

FIXED: “Wait for Enter” option should be disabled in Advanced mode, because it is always ON in this mode.

ADDED: Spell checking (including “spell as you type” live spell checker) in the external clip editor. (Spelling dictionaries must be downloaded and installed separately! They are available from the same place you ...

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