Echo 0.9.2 beta

Echo version 0.9.2 beta, build 99

FIXED: Pasted clip did not move to the top of the list if list was sorted by date (thanks, Tomos!)

FIXED: Duplicate commands assigned to Shift+F1.

FIXED: “Wait for Enter” option should be disabled in Advanced mode, because it is always ON in this mode.

ADDED: Spell checking (including “spell as you type” live spell checker) in the external clip editor. (Spelling dictionaries must be downloaded and installed separately! They are available from the same place you downloaded Ethervane Echo.)

ADDED: A simple toolbar in the external clip editor.

ADDED: New search-related option: “Auto Wrap Wildcards”.

ADDED: New search-related option: “Auto Detect Wildcards”.

ADDED: Several more Help topics completed.

ADDED: New items under the Help menu: Keyboard Reference and What’s New.

ADDED: Keyboard shortcuts to quickly select the sorting method for the current view: Alt+1 (by date) to Alt+6 (by ID). See Keyboard Reference for details.

ADDED: Max and average clip length and spellchecker configuration information in Database Information dialog (Ctrl+I).

ADDED: Vertical scrollbar in the in-place editor.

CHANGED: The default installation directory was changed from c:\Program Files\Ethervane Echo to c:\Program Files\Ethervane\Echo.

CHANGED: A few minor UI items were renamed without altering their functionality.

REMOVED: The option to use either Ctrl or Alt key as the modifier for view selection. Previously, you could choose whether views should be selected by pressing Ctrl+digit or Alt+digit. That option has been removed, because Alt+digit combinations are now used to select the sorting method for the view.