Echo 0.9.3 beta

Echo version 0.9.3 beta, build 101

CHANGED: To make Echo easier to use and more intuitive, three search modes (Basic, Wildcards, Advanced) have been reduced to two: Basic and Advanced. Wildcards are now supported in both modes (previously they worked only in the dedicated Wildcards mode). In short, there are now two search modes instead of three, and you can use wildcards everywhere. Please see Searching for clips and Using wildcards for details.

ADDED: Basic editing buttons added to the toolbar in the external clip editor.

ADDED: URL highlighting in the external clip editor.

ADDED: You can now use the “Delete” key to delete clips. (The previous shortcut Ctrl+Delete still works as well.)

ADDED: Several more Help topics completed, notably Selecting Clipboard Formats and Database Maintenance.

FIXED: The “Reset on restart” option in Search group was resetting ALL the search settings, including min text length, the “Wait for Enter key” toggle, etc. As a result, these settings were not preserved across sessions if “Reset on restart” was enabled. This has been fixed, and the option has been renamed to “Reset mode on restart” to clarify.

FIXED: The option to start Echo minimized works now (thanks, highend01!)

FIXED: The option to hide application icon to notification area (tray) did not always work, depending on the state of several other non-related settings.

FIXED: When a view’s name was changed in the View Properties dialog box, the name was not updated on the view tab until Echo was restarted.

FIXED: Small internal inconsistencies is the Database Maintenance dialog box.