Echo 1.0.4 FINAL

Echo version 1.0.4, build 103

First out-of-beta release, so not many new features this time.

ADDED: System-wide hotkey to paste clipboard contents as plain text. By default this action is assigned to Shift+Win+Insert. When you press this hotkey, Echo checks if the clipboard contains text. If so, Echo removes from clipboard all formats that are not plain text (in effect, “clears” the clipboard of any rich data) and performs a paste in whatever application is current. This gives you a “Paste as text” command in any Windows application that supports rich text editing. Useful especially when an application does not have such a command readily available. (Of course, Echo already had a “paste as text” command for the selected clip. This new feature works without opening Echo, and it operates only on current contents of the clipboard.)

ADDED: System-wide hotkey to clear clipboard contents. By default this action is assigned to Shift+Win+Delete. When you press this hotkey, Echo erases all data currently on clipboard. Useful when you want Windows to instantly “forget” whatever has been copied to clipboard last. (Of course the clip may still exist in Echo’s database.)

FIXED: Broken in previous release: Delete key could no longer be used in the in-place editor. It can be now.

REMOVED: Dependency on the FastMM_FullDebugMode.dll library. This file is no longer needed, since the current release is no longer a debug build. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Echo, you can delete this file manually in a file manager.

Miscellaneous internal fix-ups.