Echo 1.0.5

Echo version 1.0.5, build 108

ADDED: When you copy or paste a clip, Echo would always update the clip’s timestamp, so that the clip would move to the top of the list when sorted by date. This is now optional: Preferences -> Pasting clips -> UpdateClipTimeStamp. This setting is still True by default, so that Echo’s behavior does not change unless you modify this setting. (Thanks, Easye!)

ADDED (by popular request): Option to minimize Echo when the Close button on the title bar is clicked. This option is disabled by default. To enable it, click Tools -> Preferences -> Display -> MinimizeOnCloseButton and set the option to True. When enabled, you must use the File -> Exit command (or press Alt+F4) to really quit Echo.

ADDED (by popular request): If the activation hotkey is pressed while Echo is already the active application, Echo will be minimized. Effectively, the activation hotkey acts as a toggle. To restore the old behavior, click Tools -> Preferences -> Keyboard -> ActivationHotkeyToggle and set the option to False.

ADDED: The connection indicator (icon: ) in the status bar may now display a third state: suspended (yellow marker). This indicates Echo remains connected to the clipboard, but capturing clips is temporarily suspended, for example because a clip is being edited.

FIXED: A bug that caused an error when a system clipboard format was added to the list of captured formats (thanks, Sascha!)

FIXED: A bug that caused Echo to “hang” for a few seconds and then display an error message as it could not open the clipboard in the Available Clipboard Formats dialog box when the Refresh button was clicked.

FIXED: A bug that would sometimes cause an error when editing a clip in-place.

FIXED: Echo was showing the “Connected to clipboard” tray notification too eagerly (even when it had not actually re-connected)

FIXED: A bug in the Help file that identified the previous release (1.0.4) as beta, even though it was a non-beta release :)