Echo 1.1.0

Echo version 1.1.0 build 117

CHANGED: This release uses a different editor control for the “edit clip” dialog. The change was necessary, because the editor I originally used had some random-looking problems with the Addict spellchecker, such as ignoring obvious misspellings, even though they were recognized as such and got the proper red wavy underline. The new editor has an almost identical functionality, with a few minor differences, e.g. no support for marking modified lines. At the moment URL highlighting is not possible either, sorry about that! On the flip side, incremental search is now supported in the editor (press Ctrl+E).

ADDED: Option to automatically mark edited clips as sticky: Preferences -> Editing clips -> MakeEditedClipsSticky. This option is disabled by default.

ADDED: Option to update the date and time of edited clips: Preferences -> Editing clips -> UpdateClipTimestamp. This option is disabled by default.

ADDED: Option to always refresh the current view after editing a clip. Preferences -> Editing clips -> AlwaysRefresh. This option is disabled by default.

Why this may be useful: When you edit a clip, you are changing its text and probably its length as well. Using the other editing-related options, editing a clip may change its timestamp or make it sticky. Depending on what view was active when you started editing the clip, it is possible that after editing, the clip no longer “fits” the view. For example, the view shows only clips shorter than 10 characters, but the edited clip is longer. Or, the view contains only clips with URLs, but you have deleted the URL while editing. By default, when you save the clip, Echo does not refresh the view, so that the clip you were editing remains selected in the view. This seems to be the most natural behavior, but in cases similar to the examples above it may cause the view to show a clip which does not belong. If you enable this option, Echo will always refresh the view when you finish editing a clip; in this case it is possible that the edited clip will “disappear” from view, if it no longer matches its filters. (You can also refresh a view manually at any time by pressing Ctrl+R. Note also that when you use the newly added “Save as New” command, the view will always be refreshed.)

ADDED: In the external editor you can now save the text as a new clip instead of replacing the original. Click the “Save as New” button on the toolbar (or command in the context menu). When you use this function, Echo will always refresh the current view.

ADDED: In the external editor, option to keep the editor open after saving a clip. To enable it, click the Options button and make sure “Close Editor on Save” is unchecked. This way you can continue editing a clip after using the Save or Save as New commands.

ADDED: “Refresh View” command under the View menu (Ctrl+R). You can use it to refresh a view manually, for example if the view was not refreshed after editing clips, and the edited clips may no longer belong in the view (e.g. because their text, date or length has changed).

IMPROVED: When you edit a clip in the external editor, Echo no longer suspends capturing clips. This means Echo can now capture text copied inside the editor as well. (When editing a clip in-place, capturing is still suspended, because new clips cannot be added to the list while the in-place editor is active.)

IMPROVED: Echo now properly restores the selection of multiple clips in some situations, e.g. after using the Copy (Ctrl+C) command.

IMPROVED: Loading clips is now faster and Echo uses less memory to display a view than before.

FIXED: When a clip was edited and saved, Echo would not update the clip’s size on the clip information bar (display only).