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"For every bit belonging to me as good belongs to you."
MJ, with apologies to Walt Whitman

20 Oct 2005: All projects are closed down

Lawrence Lessig once declared email bankruptcy. Though I haven't done a tenth of his work in my life, I must declare a "hobby programmer bankruptcy". A writer's block. An intellectual meltdown to incapacity. I have deceived myself, for years now, that I would continue developing these projects. Unfortunately, in doing so I have also deceived many of you, and I must ask that you accept this belated, inadequate apology. More...

All applications listed in this section are freeware. Several are distributed with full source code. Freeware means just this: there are no hidden costs, no strings attached. The applications will not display banner ads or ask for payment. Bugs? Sure, all kinds. Catch them and let me know!

All applications support Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, ME, 2000 and XP. (Some applications may exhibit minor quirks on certain versions of Windows, but overall they will work well regardless of which version you use.)

News and announcements

KeyNote: Certified Powertool
It is a great honor for KeyNote to have received the Certified Powertool award from the PowerTools Forum.

I'm proud to announce that two freeware applications I have written, KeyNote and KookieJar, have been voted by readers of the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup for inclusion in the Pricelessware list. Thank you, a.c.f!

Where to find information

Click the links on the left to select a product. Each application has its own page, with feature lists, download links, screenshots, answers to frequently asked questions, system requirements, and information about known problems and workarounds.

Source code

Currently, four applications available here (KeyNote, KookieJar, Oubliette, and GUIDClean) are distributed with full Delphi source code. Source code for the remaining applications may eventually become available, too. Preparing a source code package for release requires a serious amount of work in itself. For now, if an application is not distributed with source code, please do not request it.

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