GUIDClean: Remove or randomize privacy-breaching Global Unique identifiers in MS Office documents. Open Source

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GUIDClean is a program to detect, display and modify the Global Unique Identifiers (GUID) that some MS Office products (Word and Excel) place in documents. An argument can be made that these GUID strings are a breach of users' privacy and may be used to track documents and bind them to particular users or particular machines. As author of GUIDClean I make no such arguments: I simply provide you with a free program which you can use to view and/or change the GUID information in your documents.

To install the program, simply unpack the archive and copy all files to a directory of your choice. There is no special installation or de-installation procedure. The program does not make any modifications to the system registry in Windows 95/98/NT.

What are Global Unique Identifiers? References

System requirements

GUIDClean works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP.
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