InjectURL: Automatically "injects" URL address and last-visited date into documents downloaded from the Web

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InjectURL is a simple application designed to do only one task and do it well: to help you keep a reference to the Web document you have downloaded to your local computer.

What does it do?

You may find this program helpful if you often download articles from the Internet (using a Web browser, such as Netscape or MS Internet Explorer) and sometimes wish to return to online copies of those documents later, when you may have already deleted or lost the URL address. The task that InjectURL performs is automatically adding ("injecting") the URLs into HTML and plain-text documents you have downloaded and saved, using the browser's "Save As..." feature. This way you can always know where that particular document came from without having to keep the URLs somewhere else or manually editing the document.

What's the point?

This is something that no other program does (that I know of) and, indeed, a function that I need very often in my day-to-day browsing. Sometimes what I download and save to read later turns out to be only the index, with links to actual articles inside: if I had lost the original document URL, I had no way of returning to it (except for diggin in the browser's History data, which I often purge). Or imagine that you want to quote a part of the document in an article you are writing - in that case you need to give a reference to te source, i.e. the original URL. Instead of writing down each URL that you may ever need to refer to, let InjectURL do its job and keep the URL inside the document, so that you can click it or copy it to Windows clipboard at any time.
(All this, of course, would not be necessary if the authors of HTML document all over the world remembered to add the URLs to the text or HTML comments of the documents they are writing. Unfortunately, they often don't - but it's a different matter.)

How does it work?

When you save a document from your browser, InjectURL will detect this, query the browser for the actual URL of the document you have just saved, and will inject that URL into the document in a variety of ways. When you later open that saved document in your browser, the URL pointing to the original document on the Internet will be shown on top. Clicking it will enable you to load the original version (if it still exists at the same address).

System requirements

InjectURL works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP.
For Windows 95 and 98, you may need to install version 4.01 of Microsoft common controls, if it is not yet present on your system. This version is installed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 or later. A separate update is also available.
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