KeyNote: Download

I no longer maintain KeyNote. The last version released here is the 1.6.9 update package.
I am happy to announce that, as of 2009, further development has been taken up by Daniel Pradov, who has been releasing new versions under the name of KeyNote NF (New Features). The project page is here.

Download locations

(kntsetup.exe - full install package; about 1.7 MB)

Upgrade package

(KeyNote 1.6.9 - the last version released here. Use only if you have previously installed KeyNote using the full installer package; about 750 KB)

Full KeyNote 1.x source code

( - Borland Delphi 3/5 required to compile; about 2 MB)

Add-ons and other materials

Additional material (plugins, sample files, help files, etc.) is available from the Add-ons page.

Earlier versions of KeyNote

Software created with Borland Delphi