Oubliette: Download

The latest version of Oubliette, full source code, as well as earlier versions of the binary and source packages are available from SourceForge.
Additional material (language packs, help files, etc.) is available from the Add-ons page.

Main download package

(oubsetup.exe - full install package; about 1 MB)

Language packs for Oubliette

Language packs are available from the Add-ons page.

Previous version: Oubliette 1.8

(previous version - identical to 1.9, with no translation support)

Previous version: Oubliette 1.4

(Version 1.4: no XP-style menus, old file format, smaller executable; includes source code)

Full source code (Borland Delphi 6)

Software created with Borland Delphi