Oubliette: Store passwords, PINs, and other sensitive information in a highly secure manner. Open source.

Oubliette at SourceForge Oubliette is an Open-Source project. See this page for more information.

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Introduction to Oubliette

Yes, there are many freeware and shareware password databases around... and this is one of them. I wrote it for the same old reason and I wrote all the other programs here: the available applications, though some are very fine, did not do quite what I needed. There was always a feature missing or an interface quirk. So here is Oubliette, more functional, easier to use and no less secure than any competing products. I hope you'll enjoy using it.

It will store a list of accounts with information such as account name, associated password, URL, and free-form notes. You can easily access the information, copy to clipboard or export to a variety of formats. There is a powerful search facility with filtered output (i.e. view only the records that satisfy your search criteria). You can also filter by categories that you assign to accounts when you create or edit them. Oubliette offers a number of ways to transfer account names and passwords to the browser: via the clipboard, through drag-and-drop, or by automated form filling.

Important note about security

Oubliette uses secure, mathematically strong ciphers to protect your data against unauthorized access. A typical use for a password manager is to store passwords, credit card numbers, and other small, secret pieces of information. This relieves you from having to remember all those passwords, at the cost of having to remember just one: the password used to access your Oubliette file. Do not lose the main access password. It will not be possible to open the file and access your data without the correct, original password. Please consider this very seriously.

Cryptographic algorithms in Oubliette

Oubliette gives you a choice of encryption algorithms: Blowfish or Idea. The algorithms were chosen because they are cryptographically strong and free for non-commercial use. (Oubliette uses a great freeware library, DCPCrypt, written by David Barton, that implements the cryptographic algorithms. Please see the FAQ for more details.)

And best of all, Oubliette comes with full source code, so you can inspect the program for any hidden doors (there are none), or modify it to create your own version.


After you have installed the program, please see the file "readme.txt". It contains important last-minute information, as well as a list of other files and documentation included in the distribution that you will find useful. Full Help file is also included with the program.

System requirements

Oubliette works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP.
For Windows 95 and 98, you may need to install version 4.01 of Microsoft common controls, if it is not yet present on your system. This version is installed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 or later. A separate update is also available.
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