PhoneDeck: Flexible, lightweight and fast address book. Includes telephone dialer.

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Addressbook with a difference

Yes, there are several freeware address book programs around... and this is one of them. I wrote it for the same old reason and I wrote all the other programs here: the available applications, though some are very fine, did not do quite what I needed. There was always a feature missing or an interface quirk. So here is PhoneDeck.

It's different. It's fast. It's flexible. The interface is optimized for adding and viewing addresses, so you can enter data with a minimum of clicks, and view your addresses in different ways. I took special care to make sure you can locate addresses very quickly: incremental search, full search, shortcut links, alphabet index and categories: they all work toward a single purpose: fast access to the piece of information you need. For details, please see the full feature list.

PhoneDeck aims to be a reasonably featureful address book program, but is not meant to replace a large PIM-type application. It is designed for personal use and may not be suitable for heavy-duty address management in a business environment.

Version 1.0 of PhoneDeck is ready. PhoneDeck is now stable, complete and finished. New features will be added and bugs will be fixed, but new releases will not come as often as they have recently been. If you have used a previous version of the program, please take a look at the history page to see what has changed.
PhoneDeck 2.0 is now underway, a complete rewrite of the program. It will offer many new features and enhancements. For a detailed list of what's planned for version 2.0, please see the preliminary PhoneDeck 2.0 page.
PhoneDeck now comes with its own Help file - it contains all information necessary to get you started and more. Also note that the FAQ page has been updated.

Language support

PhoneDeck has an English-only interface, but the names of address information fields can be translated into other languages. This means that you can use your own language equivalents of field names, such as "First name", "Office telephone", "Birthday", etc.

Current list of language files distributed with PhoneDeck:

These files are all included with PhoneDeck and placed in the program's folder during installation, but you can also download all available language files from here.

If you would like to add a new language to the list, please read the file "LANGUAGE.TXT" installed in the \doc\ subdirectory under the folder where PhoneDeck is installed. The same information is now included in the Help file, under the "Language files" topic. The file contains all the step-by-step instructions for using language files and for creating new ones. Please contact me if you have any problems.
Thanks to all who have provided LNG files for the above languages!

System requirements

PhoneDeck works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP.
Note: Phone dialer is currently not supported on Windows XP
For Windows 95 and 98, you may need to install version 4.01 of Microsoft common controls, if it is not yet present on your system. This version is installed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 or later. A separate update is also available.
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