More on Echo 1.1.1

That last history entry was really opaque, so here’s the essence:

Keyboard shortcut to toggle the option to keep Echo always on top of other windows: Ctrl+Y.

Global hotkey to connect/disconnect from clipboard: Shift+Win+]. Disabled by default.

If you typically keep Echo open and on-top of other windows (rather than hidden in the tray), you may like the new option at Preferences -> Pasting clips -> FinalWindowAction. If you set it to waRestore, Echo will restore itself after it has minimized in order to paste the clip into another application.

Related to the above, if choose to keep Echo always on top of other windows, Echo will not longer minimize when you switch to another application, even if the MinimizeOnDeactivate option is enabled. It just makes sense this way.

There is now an option to tell Echo not to capture clips copied from itself – for example, when you copy text in the clip editor. Preferences -> Capturing clips -> IgnoreFromSelf.

New action was added in the Database Maintenance dialog: Refresh clip data. Use it after you have increased or decreased the MaxDispTextSize setting, so that Echo will update the database to match this setting. This takes quite a long time, because Echo must load and examine every clip. Totally optional; it just makes the database fully consistent with that important setting.