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At last, KeyNote done better

I need to come right out and say it: I’m pretty sure that RightNote is the better KeyNote.

After all these years I feel like the burden has passed on to someone else and I don’t have to feel guilty about not updating KeyNote anymore.

I’ve only installed the trial version and played with it a little. I am not vouching that RightNote will not fry your computer and scare off your cats. What I’m saying is that, for better or ...

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KeyNote under new development

I am happy to announce that, as of 2009, further development of KeyNote has been taken up by Daniel Pradov, who has been releasing new versions under the name of KeyNote NF (New Features). The project page (at Google Code) is here.

Please note that I no longer maintain KeyNote. The last version I released here is the 1.6.9 update package.

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