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A Walt Whitman software upgrade

The original Walt Whitman wrote

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

and it’s a great quote both in and out of its original context. Who knows, maybe there’s a closet Whitman fan among the makers of CSE HTML Validator? They’ve just sent me an email asking why I did not upgrade to the latest version of the validator. Here’s a part of it (click to enlarge):

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Don’t do this, either

Started Foobar today and got this:

Foobar, indeed!

Click OK, the program shuts down. Without an internet connection you get locked out of the application. I don’t care that it’s beta; it’s not like the code became stale overnight. Warn me, inform me, by all means, but never lock me out of your software for an arbitrary reason like this. It ...

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Don’t do this.

A drop-down list to select priority from an otherwise fetching task management application. I don’t think a comment is necessary.

You have your priorities a**-backwards!

In the unlikely case the colors are throwing you off the scent, here’s the same design principle in its pure form – a list of risk levels:

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