The stuff. It’s coming.

I should say: most of the stuff that was on display here before is coming back soon. I just need some time to WordPress-ize all the hand-crafted HTML pages, and arrange them in all the finicky categories, pages, menus and all. Thanks for asking (to anyone who asked)!

Temporarily, the freeware part of the site is still available at the original location here.



  1. ilseleal  September 20, 2010


    One day I came across your “All projects are closed down” post at the original webpage you had. I saved the URL because I really thought it was very brave on your part to recognize that you would not be able to continue with your projects for the time being. The same has happened to me at times and it’s true, it is hard to even recognize to oneself (let alone to others) that one is not able to continue with something.

    Imagine my surprise when I found “Tranglos 3.0”! I am so happy for you! I wish you the best for your current and future projects. Keep up with the good work!